BlueLab Replacement Soil Leap PH Probe

BlueLab Replacement Soil Leap PH Probe

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Product features:

  • Reinforced spear-tip for fast, direct measurement in substrates  
  • Effective in soil, coco coir blends, rockwool, potting mixes and solution 
  • Double-junction probe reduces reference contamination, extending longevity 
  • Fast sensor response for quick and accurate measurements  
  • Suitable for use with the Bluelab Combo Meter, Bluelab Combo Meter Plus and Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter 
  • BNC connector is covered to prevent corrosion

 Please note all BlueLabs products are on backorder and will take up to 1 week to ship from our warehouse. 

This product has been sourced by Green Houston:

Their team of “Horticultural Enthusiasts” have gone through tremendous lengths to ensure that every product we stock meets their Green Houston standard. So we don’t sell products that we would not use ourselves.

All their organic, living and fresh amendments and additives are stored correctly and regularly checked to ensure the freshest stock and best possible user experience is delivered.