GHF Bio Bloom 500g
GHF Bio Bloom 500g
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GHF Bio Bloom 500g

Green House Feeding
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NPK: 4-9-9

BioBloom is an ‘all-in-ONE’ blend of carefully selected natural materials, formulated specifically for the flowering and fruit production.

Essential nutrients are provided for excellent flower and fruit production, both readily available for the plant and slowly releasing to supply all nutrients over a period of 8 weeks.

BioBloom is a unique product, supplying adequate amounts of macro- and micronutrients in the most efficient way. Our extensive R&D and scientific research allowed us to create a product that provides high amounts of phosphorus in a natural form.

Phosphorus is providing the energy to the plant to sustain growth.
Signs of a Phosphorus deficiency are stunted growth and bluish green leaves.
As with Nitrogen, symptoms first appear in older leaves indicating that Phosphorus
is also mobile in plants and can be moved to where it is needed the most.


Organic Carbon (C) 18%
Total Nitrogen (N)  4%
Organic Nitrogen (N)  4%
Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water
and neutral ammonium citrate (P 2 O 5 )
Potassium oxide soluble in water (K 2 O) 9%
Calcium oxide (Ca) 8%
Magnesium oxide (Mg) 4%
Sulfur trioxide (S) 18%
Organic Matter from bone meal, feather meal, vinasses, rapeseed cake meal.  
Derived from: bone meal, Magnesium sulfate,
feather meal, sugar beet vinasse, canola meal,
dicalcium Phosphate.
This product has been sourced by Green Houston:

Their team of “Horticultural Enthusiasts” have gone through tremendous lengths to ensure that every product we stock meets their Green Houston standard. So we don’t sell products that we would not use ourselves.

All their organic, living and fresh amendments and additives are stored correctly and regularly checked to ensure the freshest stock and best possible user experience is delivered.