RAD 4 in 1 Royal Domeless Titanium Nail

RAD 4 in 1 Royal Domeless Titanium Nail

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The RAD 4 in 1 Royal Domeless Titanium Nail will turn almost any bong into a dabbing machine. A must have accessory for any oil and wax concentrate enthusiast.

This superb domeless nail is made from quality GR.2 titanium for ultimate heat-resistance and durability.

This 4 in 1 titanium nail will fit any 18mm male and female joints as well as any 14mm male and female joints, making it one of the most versatile titanium nails on the market. The crown of the nail also unscrews to allow the user to easily clean the nail.

Why use a titanium nail and not a glass or steel nail? Titanium nails are much safer to use than glass or steel because glass (if heated to quickly) can have a tendency to crack or explode due to the fact that glass is not able to expand and cool that quickly.Titanium is safer than steel because steel will let of harmful gases when heated to the temperatures required for dabbing where as titanium is inert and will provide you with a clean and tasty smoking experience.

We recommend heating your Titanium Nail from the top to prevent any damage to your glass bong

A superb quality nail for concentrate and oil dabbing. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 2cm x 6.2cm
  • Material: GR.2 Titanium
  • Nail Style: Domeless
  • Joint: Female & Male
  • Joint Size: 14mm & 18mm